CFN Teardown CLI

A CLI to delete AWS Cloudformation stacks gracefully following the order of creation and dependencies across the stacks. It is useful to control costs by deleting ephemeral environments(e.g. dev, staging) and experimental resources.

Go Sandbox

A containerzed Go service which runs arbitrary Go code in sandbox using Isolate. Sandbox has network and file system restrictions which allows us to run the code safely without worring about it's implications.

Go Playground

A Go playground to with features like pprof graphs and other metrics.


Go SDK Template

Template for building production ready SDK in Golang. It has important features like:

  • Custom HTTP client
  • Logging interface (overridable)
  • Retry mechanism (overridable)
  • Contexts for request timeout and cancellation

Link to godoc

Python CV

  • Played with face recognition algorithms like OpenCV and Dlib(CNN, Haar Cascade) in Python
  • Learned how to train a opensource model, sensitivity of configs and their impact on final result. Dataset was small, need to train with larger dataset for accuracy.
  • Containerized the setup and made it easy to run, train and test with different images.